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Christian Wernicke

“Wernicke walked the tight rope of technical expertise and wide ranging expression at a dizzying height. It was a feat he accomplished so elegantly and easily that even the most complex material was pleasurably clear and expressive.”
Akustik Gitarre 1/07

“He so deeply relates to the music“
“He plays so easily, so lightly and
with such poise –
it is almost shameless how simple it appears.
This is a perfect performance.”
Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten 6.7.08

“The Magic of Guitar: ”Three-handed Guitar”
Quite an exceptional musician, Christian Wernicke has won numerous prizes and stipends. He has rave press reviews and enjoys enthusiastic applause from audiences at home and abroad. Supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, his international concert tours have taken him around the world. His recordings and performances at international festivals have enchanted his listeners. His great virtuosity and intense interpretations give the appearance of his having threes hands on his instrument! Christian Wernicke is one of today’s most promising young guitarists.

Pure Sunshine
We enjoy enough sun at this time of year. Do we really need sunny music, too? When Christian Wernicke plays classical guitar there can be but one answer: yes!„...e dois amores“ is the title of his new album, a tribute to contemporary composers of South American music for guitar. Wernicke, who is 32 years old
and resides in Heidelberg, proves to be a gifted artist. Acoustic Music in Osnabrück made an excellent choice in producing his CD. His lively style of playing is full of fun and the flavour of South America. Even well known pieces like „Valses“ and „Se Ela Perguntar“ by Dilermando Reis catch our ear in a whole new way. He plays so easily, so lightly and with such poise – it is almost shameless how simple it appears. This is a perfect performance. Wernicke makes us feel we are hearing his music for the very first time and leaves us wanting to press the replay button. But no, that would keep us from the next spectacular piece on this album. Listen to the gossamer fine “Cigana”
by Egberto Gismonti, the delicately dancing “Guajira Mi Madre“ by José Antonio Rojas. Wernicke is a true artist. He spoils us with the richness of his music which makes this CD a joy to hear again and again…no matter what the season. D.B.

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