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Guitar Solo

Christian Wernicke - Guitar


The guitar plays a central role within the immense wealth of South American music. No other single instrument alone conveys the musical soul of this fascinating continent. „¡América!“ is a journey to cosmopolitan harbour towns and cities and a discovery of the manifold and colourful traditions of Latin America.
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Die spanische Gitarre

Dieses Programm stellt Musik aus dem Land der Gitarre vor, mit all ihrer Farbigkeit und ihrer Ausdruckskraft. Dabei ergänzen sich bekannte Klassiker mit selten gehörten Werken zu einem spannenden Einblick in die spanische Musikgeschichte.

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Different eras full of contrast and yet the content-related parallels are more than obvious. The juxtaposition of old and new music reveals some exciting and surprising analogies to the listener.
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German composers

My personal favourites by German composers
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Old World – New World

The music of the Iberian Peninsula meets the traditional music of South America.
This impressive program reveals two widely different worlds in which the guitar finds itself at home. Listeners are treated to the joy of folk music and ‘Kunstmusik’ alike.
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